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2m/70cm dualband quad antenna

5m vertical multiband GP antenna

An 80 meter multiturn magnetic loop


HF + 2m SDR Transceiver

SDR Transceiver Version 2

2m - HF transverter

2m transverter for the SDR

Computer controlled Mobira RC25

Mobira MD59 on 70cm

Telcom TE-157 - remove the beep


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Last update 18.2.2008

Mobira MD59 to 70cm radio


This was my first ham radio project. I just had passed the radioamateur exam and went to a local navy radioamateur club (OH1AJ) where they had this bazaar for old radio gear & stuff. I suddenly ran to many familiar faces there and had good suggestion about what my first modification project could be. Suddenly I had an Mobira MD59, old NMT in my armpit and payed only few euros from it, happy happy!

There was a plenty collection of guides how to modify this radio on the internet, especially at moppeakatemia, thanks guys! I did the modifications and the rig worked pretty well. Basically, the modifications needed for 70cm operation are just making a new TX/RX switch, which in my case is a Pin-diode switch, reprogramming the eprom and retuning the radio.

I just realized that I don't like the looks of the radio. I'm a ham operator, not a NMT450 hobbyist who chats with his mates through this ugly looking phone-like device. So, I had to do a small facelift for it. I took the electronics out from the handset and started to design. I had few possible enclosure boxes laying around and I decided to use one of them. Because the original enclosure was plastic too, I dared to select plastic box for the new enclosure.