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2m/70cm dualband quad antenna

5m vertical multiband GP antenna

An 80 meter multiturn magnetic loop


HF + 2m SDR Transceiver

SDR Transceiver Version 2

2m - HF transverter

2m transverter for the SDR

Computer controlled Mobira RC25

Mobira MD59 on 70cm

Telcom TE-157 - remove the beep


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Last update 20.3.2009

2m transverter for the SDR transceiver

Update 18.5.2009

This is put on hold because progress in SDR taking all the time.

Update 20.3.2009

If you are looking for this project, just for you to know that details, including schematics will be revealed. The transverter is now optimized and it works great. The noise figure is around 2dB, output >20W.

So far I have worked SM and ES stations. Longest QSO being around 300km with no special conditions. I love SDR! I find it really useful on VHF, especially on a contest to just click the appearing signals on the spectrum. I will do final check out for the spectral purity and then full construction article will be published.

73 de Janne, OH1SDR