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2m/70cm dualband quad antenna

5m vertical multiband GP antenna

An 80 meter multiturn magnetic loop


HF + 2m SDR Transceiver

SDR Transceiver Version 2

2m - HF transverter

2m transverter for the SDR

Computer controlled Mobira RC25

Mobira MD59 on 70cm

Telcom TE-157 - remove the beep


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Last update 18.9.2008

Call: OH1SDR (ex: OH1GTF)

Operator name: Janne Pulkkinen

Licenced since: 2004

QTH: Turku, Finland

Locator: KP10DK

QSL: Via Bureau



  • Yaesu 757GX2
  • Homebrew Software Defined Transceiver 160m-10m+2m. Output 16W. Check out the SDR transceiver project.
  • Several homebrew Software Defined Receivers.
  • Homebrew multiband GP antenna. See the 5m vertical multiband GP antenna -project.
  • An 80 meter multiturn magetic loop antenna. More details on the project page.


  • Companion transverter for the SDR transceiver.
  • Yaesu FT-221R with Mutek front end, a classic, awesome 2 meter multimode radio.
  • FDK multi-750X 2 meter multimode transceiver.
  • Modified Nokia RC25 (originally ARP mobile phone) for 2 meter band. Check the RC25 project.
  • Standard C-158 2 meter HT.
  • Jingtong JT-208 2 meter HT. Modified: transmission audio, and the annoying beep sound.
  • Homebrew 4 element quad (same boom with 70cm quad). Check the 2m/70cm quad project page.
  • Homebrew 2 meter to HF transverter. The project page here.


  • Modified Nokia MD59 for 70 cm band, removable front panel. Check the MD59 project.
  • Two Telcom TE-157 modified for 70 cm band. You have to replace the 446 MHz SAW filter to a 70cm filter for a proper 70 cm operation!
  • Homebrew 10 element quad (same boom with 2m quad). Check the 2m/70cm quad project page.